Term & Condition

Updated On : 10/11/2021

Term & Condition

Updated On : 10/11/2021

  • In E-Commerce Website we will add only 5-8 Products Attributes, Products& Categories for Demo Purpose, Rest will be uploaded by the customer and we will guide you to how if you don’t know it. If the user wants any extra features (like social login, live chat, google analytic, multi-vendor etc..) then Charge Will Be Extra For that if they are not included in the Quotation.

  • We will Not do Full Customization For The Customer If We Are Making There Website On Pre-Made Templates Like Changing Fonts, Custom Header/Footer, Placing Content & Color According to User in that Template. If Any Point Of Time User want to Change their Template or user want even better UI design then the provided One in that package then User have to Pay Extra according to there Requirement.

  • If Any User faces any issue just because of Blocking of Account, Copyright issue, Termination of Services & Products Provided by other Third Party/Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc We are not Responsible for that.

  • For Re-Designing if the user will Send us Additional Information that was not in their Website and User haven’t discussed it during the final Mail/Phone Call Before We Send A Quotation for Redesigning The Website then we will charge you extra according to the Change user Needs In The Website Content, Functioning, Etc

  • In the Middle of the Project if User Need Some additional Features and Function that user hasn’t discussed it Before the final Quotation Is send then we will charge extra according to Features and Function that user wants.

  • User Won’t Get any Refund. We Do Not Give Refunds In any Circumstances. If User Needed some extra pages that were not discussed in Quotation User will have to Pay Extra Charge for the Extra page’s if it exceeds the quotation page limit (Rs 1000+/Pages) Depending Upon That Page Content/Functioning.

  • After Completion of the Project, When our team contact a user/customer for delivery of their Project and if the user/customer are not available or not responding to our call and mail for Next five day, then From the Day we trying to Deliver user’s project, we will scrap their project and move on, and after that(5 days)period of time if the user contact us for the delivery of their project and wants certain changes in his website, then we will not do any changes To The Project And We will Deliver It as it was when The Last time Customer Saw Its Progress and told Us to do this and that in his website.

  • Deadline or Delivery days Mentioned in our Quotation will be counted as Business Day or Working days (Monday –Friday). And If For Some Reson The Customer Is Making Delay By Telling Us to Change Something in his website after we have shared a link for him to see the progress of his website or for some reason/issues making a delay in providing content/domain/logo etc… to us for us to go forward with the progress to complete the website then we will not count them towards the Delivery date and we will extend the delivery date because the reason for the late delivery is the customer itself and if customer try to bully us regarding the delivery to get his money back or to not give the final payment then please remember whose fault is that we are delay in delivering the project.

  • We will Provide admin Panel and it’s login details to the User after making the final Payment of their Project. And If needed we can fix a date and time with our developer to guide you on how to use the admin panel to make changes in the website, But you will have to book an appointment after the delivery.

  • We will Charge Extra if the user demand for cPanel of their website if it is not Mentioned or Included in their final Quotation. If they Are Taking Our Free Hosting Plan Which We Offer With The Website Packages.

  • If the User Want to Shift their website to their Own Server or To another Hosting provider then We will not provide any type of support to that user and also user had to Pay Rs 1500-5000+ depending upon their package cost for migration charges.

  • If user faces Data loss or Data corruption by any Reason then we will only Restore user’s website data to the Status of the Delivery Day as we will have a backup of that project delivery Saved Up in our Hard-disk/digital Space but if he or she demands that we restore there data to the previous state of 1 hour back or 1 day back, then that’s not possible because you have not taken any backup plan package which we can offer you at a reasonable cost if you ask or it after the delivery of the project or we can restore your data to its previous state if you can provide it to us.

  • If the user sends us Copyrighted Data/Images/Videos/etc.. to us, for use in their Website/App then we will not take any responsibility of it if their App and Website were Banned or Blocked And Someone Filed A Lawsuit on them For the Copyright theft.

  • Our Quotation is only valid for Seven Day’s from the date it was received by Customer.
  • If you are Paying us for any Service or Service’s then it means you have read our Terms & Condition & you have Agreed upon them and that’s why you are doing the payment for the Service.